Strawberry Button Pillow

Strawberry Button Pillow

No, I wouldn’t want to put my face down on this at night, but it’s sure cute during the day. How about a little Summer prezzie for your home!

What you need:
Embroidery thread (Red, Green, Yellow, Black)
Embroidery Hoop
Linen Pillow Case
Red & Pink Buttons
Green Buttons
Embroidery Needle

What to do:
1. Using your pencil, lightly draw a strawberry onto your pillow case (feel free to trace around a cut out)
2. After attaching your embroidery hoop, embroider in the stem (I used a light green and a grey green embroidery thread).
Button Embroidery

3. Working from the bottom up, start sewing on red/pink buttons to cover the strawberry. Strawberries are darker at the bottom, so start using lighter buttons as you move up the berry.

Using buttons to make a strawberry pillow case from Libbie Summers

4. Sew on the green buttons for stem and leaves! How cute are those gingham buttons!
5.  Sew the Seeds: Using yellow thread, sew through holes of various buttons to create the seeds! (look close, you can see the yellow threads in this image)

Button Art!

Craft By: Libbie Summers
Photos by: Cedric Smith

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