LIBBIE SUMMERS is a modern utilitarian collection created for those who want to feel beautiful while they work. The company spirit is rooted in impeccably made, utilitarian slow-fashion for self and home with a French meets Japanese meets an All-American vibe. The label's owner and designer, Libbie Summers, has created and styled visual feasts for US Presidents, poets and famous personalities. Through the years, Libbie could never find a working wardrobe that was as memorable as her creations -so she decided to design something herself. Her first design was a simple apron dress made from a remnant of grey Japanese linen. She wore the chic creation on a studio movie set where she served as the head food stylist for the culinary-based story. When the Oscar nominated lead actor stopped to ask her where he could purchase what she was wearing for his wife, Libbie knew she was onto something.

Designed for today, each piece in the LIBBIE SUMMERS collection has a storied past, a long future and is handmade by intriguing women.