The years before I turned 8 years old (and felt to be cool I had to collect my Halloween candy loot in a pillow case), I carried a homemade candy bucket just like these. Mine was a creepy pumpkin, the color faded from bright orange to a certain shade of peach and the edges tattered.

I love the imperfection and homemade chic quality of these vintage candy buckets…makes me wish I had never switched to a pillow case. 

What you need:
1 Medium Plastic Pumpkin Bucket
1 Local News Paper Cut Into 1″ x 8″ Strips
1 Large Piece of Card Stock
1 Pair Scissors
16 oz White Glue
16 oz Water
1 Roll of Painters Tape
1 Paint Brush
4-5 Acrylic Paints (based on what type of bucket design you are working on)

What to do: 

Step 01:
Cut nose, horns, and cheek bone shapes out of card stock. Use painters tape and attach to the pumpkin form. Using a pumpkin form will help determine where features go.

Step 02:
Mix together 16oz White glue and 16oz Water.

Step 03:
Dip a strip of newspaper into glue and water mixture. Apply one at a time over the card stock shapes and onto the remainder of the pumpkin shape. Let dry overnight, you may need to add an additional layer of newspaper when dry.

Step 04:
When fully dry, mix together some black and white paint to make a light gray base. Paint entire form and ensure no newspaper is showing through or visible.

Step 05:
When dry, get creative and design your own spooky or cute and fun candy buckets. Finish with fabric bow around the handle for more effect!

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