DIY: Felt Flower Wreath

DIY: Felt Flower Wreath

Using twigs found on a walk and leftover scraps of felt from a holiday crafting project Spring came early in the form of this adorable wreath! Sure, the felt flowers are simple and lovely on their own, but grouped together on a homemade wreath they become très chic! Keep for yourself, or gift to a friend who needs a little Spring in their step.

 Felt Flower Wreath
makes one adorable wreath to give or keep

What you need:
9" x 12" basic felt sheets in assorted colors (I used a more muted palette found in the French countryside)
1 bunch of twigs (mine were various sizes and widths)
Hot glue and glue gun
Small piece of floral wire or ribbon for hanging (optional, it can also hang over a hook just as it is)

What to do:
1. Make the Flower Center: Cut 1 felt sheet into a square. Fold the square in half and glue down. On the fold end, cut thin lines about halfway down. Start at one end and place a dot of glue. Carefully roll the felt and glue at the end. Set aside to dry.

2. Cut and Add Flower Pedals: From a sheet of felt cut 8 to 10 petal shapes. Take the flower center you made in Step 1 and glue the bottom of your petal to the bottom of the flower center. Make sure the folded end of the flower center is at the top. Continue glueing your petals around your flower center until you make it back to the first. Repeat the process a second time around.

3. Cut and Add the Flower Leaves: From another sheet of felt, cut a leaf shape that looks like a '+'. Next, cut out an oval shape that is a bit larger. Fold that in half and glue 1/3 of the fold. Glue the '+' shape to the bottom of your flower. Glue the other shape onto the bottom of the '+' shape.

4. Make the Wreath: I found twigs in my backyard that are about 6 to 8 inches long and started glueing them together until they resembled a circle and had a few layers (NOTE: This doesn't need to be a perfect circle, actually less than perfect is best!). Next I glued the bottoms of the flowers to the twigs until the wreath was covered just how you like it (I left some of the wreath exposed). To hang, twist a small piece of floral wire through one of the twigs at the top and hang onto a nail OR hook or wrap a beautiful ribbon around the top OR hang straight from the wreath onto a hook.

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