We love a card and a gift all in one! Using our enamel pins, a few simple "ingredients" and our love of fun we crafted some smile worthy Valentine's Day card ideas. 

What you need: 
Supplies needed for Yum Yum Smile Shop Enamel Pin Valentine's Day Cards
Yum Yum Smile Shop Enamel Pins
Colored Card Stock (we used Yum Yum colors) 
Coordinating Colored Envelopes (optional)
Needle or Sewing machine
Pom Pom Trim (or any other kind of trim would work here)
Label Maker or Marker
Witty Sayings

What to do: 
1. Cut the card stock to any size that will fit inside an envelope. We cut ours to around a 3x5" size. 
2. Using a sewing machine or needle and thread, sew the trim around the perimeter of the card. 

3. Place Yum Yum Smile Shop enamel pin on the card. 
4. Use label maker to print out the words to your witty sayings or just use a marker and write it out. We loved the freaky anonymity of the cut out words. 
5. Place in an envelope if you like and share with a friend. 
Enamel Pin Valentine's Day Cards from Yum Yum Smile Shop
You are only limited by your imagination, charm and snarkiness. :) 

Two gifts in one. A funny card AND an adorable pin to wear! 

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